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We create our reality, individually and collectively,by what we think, what we say, and what we do.---Jennifer Judelsohn
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YOUR AMAZING LIFE Vision Board Workshop

Sunday, July 12, 2015
12:00 - 4:00pm
Fairfax, Virginia

Everyone is living their own journey and experiencing their own transitions.
Everyone is growing and evolving.
Everyone has hopes, dreams, visions for their life.
But life doesn't come with a roadmap.
Life is what you make it!

Making a Vision Board is a great way to explore possibilities, get unstuck, work through transitions, explore new directions for your life.

Join me for an afternoon of "Creativity, Consciousness, Community, Connection" as we inspire one another to dream and manifest our most miraculous life.

No artistic talent required.
Instructions, supplies, and light refreshments will be provided.
Fee: $30.

To register, contact Jennifer Judelsohn at (703)273-0485 or jennifer@soulworksstudio.com

 Making a vision board under Jennifer Judelsohn's direction was empowering. It meant really looking deeply within myself and deciding what do I want and how do I want to get there. With Jennifer's guidance, I was able to move through the process in a loving environment. Her gentle guidance and her amazing resources empowered me to look into my soul and then create a tangible map of how I may ultimately reach for my hopes and my dreams.
Chava G.

As a musician I recognize that the power of music is not made manifest until it is shared…the same holds true for creating your vision! Recently, In a vision boarding session masterfully facilitated by Jennifer Judelsohn,  I had the opportunity to share my vision of the life I want to create for myself and my family. During this powerful experience I began to see my purpose more clearly and identify the steps I want to take to manifest my dreams. The biggest gift from this process was the realization that I was already living the life I have always imagined. How cool is that! For me, time stood still as I reflected on my deepest desires and envisioned a future that I had the power to create. It was magical and I imagine it will be the same for anyone who decides to take the journey of collective vision boarding!
 —Fred J.


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