As you stand in the center of your life,
looking outward, what do you see?
Are you living a well-balanced life?

Do yo
u see challenges and obstacles
impeding your path to success? 
Do you have a vision of the life
you'd like to live, but aren't sure 
how to make it a reality? 

Soulworks Studio and Counseling Services is dedicated to helping you live a more connected, creative, authentic life.

Within this site you will find informatiion on psychotherapy, opportunities for experiential learning, resources for personal growth, tools for transformation, and inspirational artwork to support you on your journey!




The Art Studio


Counseling Services

Through Soulworks Studio, Jennifer Judelsohn builds creativity, consciousness, community, and connection as an artist, art curator, educator, and speaker.

Jennifer is a nationally and internationally acclaimed educator and speaker. She presents workshops, seminars, and classes on spirituality, art, and soulwork around the United States and abroad. She is an innovative program developer and gifted group facilitator for a variety of organizations. 

Jennifer is a working artist exhibiting her work in solo and group shows around the United States. Her artwork is in private collections around the world.

Jennifer supports emerging artists by curating the "Evolution of Art" series of exhibits. Since 2008, the Evolution of Art series has displayed the work of emerging artists in the greater Washington, D.C. area in a venue that connects arts and artists with the community. 


People seek psychotherapy for one of two basic reasons: 

You're struggling with issues that feel like more than you can handle alone.

You wish to discover something deeper within yourself or deepen your connections with others.

Entering into psychotherapy is like embarking on a journey to discover your most authentic self. It requires a sense of adventure and a willingness to trust the process. No one can make this journey for you, but you need not do it alone. 

Jennifer Judelsohn is a licensed clinical social worker, and maintains a private practice in Northern Virginia, working with children, adolescents, adults and families.