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Are you an artist looking for a venue to exhibit your work?

Artist in Residence

Jennifer Judelsohn offers a variety of Artist in Residence programs including workshops, retreats, and seminars.

Do you have a vision of the life you'd like to live, but aren't sure how to make it a reality?

Soulworks Studio and Counseling Services is dedicated to helping you live a more authentic life by building creativity, consciousness, community, and connection through artistic expression:


Creativity is the ability to transcend or transform an existing pattern, model, or concept, and alter it to make something new or original.

We are all creative beings, capable of bringing new ideas and talents into our lives. Creativity is one way we elevate the ordinary and infuse our lives and world with imagination and meaning.

Your unique creative spark, talents, and gifts nourish you and those around you. Soulworks Studio and Counseling Services will help you tap into your creative spirit and cultivate it in all areas of your life. When you honor, nurture, and express your creativity, you enrich your life and community.


Consciousness refers to your individual awareness of your unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations, and environment.

In short, it is the “state or quality of awareness.” You might also think of it as “presence of mind,” or mindfulness. True consciousness—the state of being aware and mindful—is a foundation for success in school, at work, and in relationships. Unfortunately, many people take “consciousness” for granted; paradoxically, they become less conscious, less aware, less mindful. As a result, they may speak or act carelessly or thoughtlessly, and in the process create problems for themselves or cause hurt to others.

Soulworks Studio and Counseling Services can help you become more conscious—more aware, more mindful—of your internal and external environments. Beginning with intention, and focusing on paying attention, being willing to learn and grow, being aware of and sensitive to the effects of your words and actions on the people around you enables you to live with integrity and accountability in all the spheres of your life.


Humans are social beings.

We gather into groups and form our identities through our sense of belonging. We join communities to share resources and responsibilities. In community, we find common ground across differences; by recognizing, acknowledging, and honoring the diversity among us, we find new strength in ways that support and empower us all.

We are part of many different communities throughout our lifetimes: families, friends, neighborhoods, recreational organizations, workplaces, spiritual or religious groups. Often these communities form by happenstance, but we also can be intentional about the communities we organize, build, and grow.

Soulworks Studio and Counseling Services can help you build, nurture, and sustain the communities in your life. By identifying support systems and networks and developing techniques and tools to strengthen healthy relationships, you can mindfully and intentionally create new supportive communities or strengthen the ones you already are part of.


Humans live in relation to others.

As social beings, we crave connection; we want to belong. We yearn for touch, intimacy, deep understanding. Yet paradoxically, as our technology creates an increasingly connected world at one level, many people find themselves feeling disconnected at the deeper levels that really matter.

By strengthening your sense of authentic self, helping you foster healthy behaviors and interpersonal skills, and encouraging you to embrace both common ground and diversity, Soulworks Studio and Counseling Services can help you consciously create and nurture all of the connections that are important to you—connection with yourself, with others (family, friends, a romantic partner, work colleagues), with the Divine.



“We create our reality, individually and collectively, by what we think, what we say, and what we do.”

– Jennifer Judelsohn


Jennifer Judelsohn is an experienced psychotherapist licensed to practice psychotherapy in Virginia and Maryland. In her private practice she works with children, adolescents, adults, and families, using a variety of modalities to assist her clients in leading more successful lives.

Jennifer also is a working artist. She exhibits her work in numerous solo and group shows around the United States, and her artwork is in private collections around the world.

She is a licensed clinical social worker and experienced educator. She is a former teacher and board member at 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations providing after-school art and therapy programs. She has conceived, developed, and facilitated dozens of family programs for parents and their children.

Art and Therapy

Soulworks Studios is a reflection of the artistic talents of Jennifer Judelsohn, a prolific artist who exhibits her work in numerous shows around the United States, and whose artwork is held in private collections around the world.